I first identify myself as a mother of 2 beautiful children and wife to one lucky husband. They are my pillars of strength and I am thankful everyday for each of them.

After being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (autoimmune disease/arthritis), I was desperate to improve my condition naturally to avoid the negative side effects of prescription medications. A Naturopathic Doctor recommended that I have a food intolerance test to determine which foods may be causing excess inflammation in my body. I was skeptical, but decided that anything was worth a try at this point. The results concluded an intolerance to cow’s milk, egg whites, gluten, and corn – foods that are found in my everyday diet. Although these intolerance’s may not be glaringly obvious for me (I won’t go into anaphylactic shock), it is the little changes in habits/diet that are important when your immune system becomes compromised.

As  Doctor Oz consistently perpetuates, “food as medicine”, so I decided to give this allergy free cooking a try and sign up my family and friends for the ride to allergy free goodness. Results? I am no longer taking anti-inflammatory medications, so I would say dietary changes have made a difference.

I have had many successes and failures in my journey thus far and hope to bestow some knowledge and a lot of experiences to people/families having to make dietary changes. I would also like to offer some alternative treatments to those living with pain and inflammation resulting from arthritis. I am not a nutritionist or a chef, but I know what is realistic for a young family with two working parents needing practical recipes and product information.

Perhaps as you sift through my various stories, you will see that allergy-free cooking can help provide some relief to people living with arthritis. It is not a cure, but I believe in taking your health into your own hands!



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